Six Reasons To Join FREPA Today

  • Strength of a unified voice. When the public, government leaders, and industry stakeholders get excited about renewable energy and energy efficiency, it's because they are looking at the whole ecosystem. FREPA brings together all of the markets, alternative energy technologies and ancillary industry stakeholders within the renewable energy industry to optimize the publics wishes and achieve  greater strides for all of its members. We truly are better together.
  • As a FREPA member, you have access to timely and critical information, as well as  exceptional data driven content from various communications and education forums through our Member Services and Benefits. As a member ,  you will be provided with  special event discounts, other benefits outlined in member package, assistance with RFPs, timely indutry reports, and more.
  • Access to invaluable partnership prospects, as FREPA regularly receives inquires from potential renewable energy developers, investors, distributors, suppliers and individuals seeking business connections. As a FREPA member, you are connected to these new business partners through our internal networks and   referrals. As a part of your membership, FREPA's  Member Directory   offers your business a powerful marketing tool for your company profile.
  • A strong network of industry leaders will be in your business arsonal due to your membership in FREPA, which  connects you with  the very core of  the renewable industry and opens the doors to invaluable business associations. Members are celebrated among their  industry peers at annual FREPA industry award events and at conferences, which allows members to be honored for their accomplishments within the industry. And, increase member businesses access to capitol.
  • Industry media and public relations. As a FREPA member, by leveraging the aggregate value of its entire membership, more doors are opened for more media than individual companies could ever hope for. Besides being the go-to organization for media information, FREPA actively issues its own press releases and conducts radio and TV interviews that support the industry, which promotes your interest.
  • Supportive services for FREPA members dedicate its efforts to  raising awareness of its members and renewable industries as a whole. FREPA  leadership and staff provide longstanding credibility and extensive knowledge and experience that the industry, media and the general public have come to rely upon.

Membership Dues

Download and print application HERE

*Check membership type below and enclosed corresponding check or submit payment online

Note: Memberships are annual, and if desired, dues payments exceeding $250 can be broken up into 4 equal quarterly payments

Corporate Energy Producers

Revenues over 5 million___$2,000.00

Revenues of  more than $2million___$1,500.00

 Revenues of $1- $2 million-  $1ooo.00

 Other _$ 250.00____


Ancillary Energy Development Service Companies (construction, engineering, fabrications, agriculture)

Revenues over 1 Million __ $1000.00

Revenues under 1 Million___$700.00      

Other (less than $500,000 in revenues)_ $250.00       


Individual Membership

Energy Consultant_ $150.00

Ancillary  Energy Business  Professionals_ $50.00

Government/ Non-profits

Organizational____ $125.00

Representative­­­­­­__ $50.00


Solar Installers and solar companies

Solar Company $85.00

Solar Installer $45.00


University Research and Development__$175.00

Educators__ $50.00

Students___ $15.00

Supporter___ $25.00


Make check payable to:

Florida Renewable Energy Producers Association
Mail To: 4005 Brandon Hill Dr , Tallahassee, Florida 32309

Or make automated payment below with faxed or emailed application: