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                                                                                                  GOALS AND OBJECTIVES 
Serve as a unified voice for Florida renewable energy producers, the anxillary businesses that provide or support the production and delivery of renewable or alternative energy sources to our communities,  and the overall  industry. The goal is to inform and advise policymakers on the broad-based environmental and economic benefits of  developing independant  renewable energy projects and avenues for alternative energy production in Florida.. to develop partnerships with public and investor owned  utilties, local government and businesses.  

  • To promote the commercialization of renewable energy production, including reduction of petroleum dependency, greenhouse gas emissions, and air toxics; and enhancement of the State's agricultural base, air and water quality, landfill diversion, forest health and wildfire protection, and economic development.


  • Promote the development of a comprehensive renewable energy policy for the State of Florida that prioritizes growth in the renewable energy industry, and that furthers  alternative energy research and development to meet policy objectives for energy security, pollution abatement, and rural economic development.
    Work hand in hand with Florida’s investor owned utilities to help facilitate our mutual goals of developing more clean energy to be consumed by Florida families
  • Facilitate a dialogue with the Legislature, and with relevant State agencies, including the Florida Public Service Commission,  the Florida Department of Agriculture, and the Department of Environmental Protection to ensure a collaborative and coordinated approach to the accomplishment of State renewable energy  policy objectives.
  • Promote the development and expansion of renewable power generation from agricultural, forestry, and urban biomass residues through expansion of the Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS), net-metering and distributed energy options, production incentives, and statutory/regulatory reforms that remove obstacles to the beneficial use of biogas and synthesis gas.
  • Promote the development and expansion of Florida renewable fuels production from agricultural crops, bio-oils, forestry residues, urban waste residues, other cellulosic biomass, and waste  through the establishment of a Florida Renewable Fuels Portfolio Standard (RPS), Florida greenhouse gas and climate change policy, financing and production incentives, performance-based regulatory standards, and the removal of statutory/regulatory impediments to renewable energy conversion such as biomass, bio fuels, solar, wind, water and viable technologies.
  • Promote the development and expansion of biofuel  manufacturing through the incorporation of biobased products into State and local procurement policies, and through State coordination with USDA and other federal agencies to integrate Florida agricultural crops, economic incentives, and product testing programs with biobased industries.
  • Educate the public about the environmental and economic benefits of a strong renewable energy production industry, and pursue broad-based coalitions for accomplishment of the FREPA mission.

Be a partner for Florida’s utilities as they strive for ways to put more power generated from clean and natural sources unto their grids, delivering energy safely and reliably, allowing their customers to  continue getting  the service they deserve.

FREPA's monitoring of federal rules that govern the energy, fuel and transportation industry positions your company to have built in advantages over your competition, and provides you the information needed as you plan to grow your business.