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In 2007, the Florida Renewable Energy Producers Association (FREPA) was  founded   by Michael Dobson, President of Dobson, Craig and Associates, a Tallahassee Florida based renewable energy governmental consultant and Jerome (Jerry) Foster, President/CEO of Biorenewable Projects of San Diego California and Tallahassee Florida. It is governed by its board.   



The "Voice of Renewable Energy In Florida", the Florida Renewable Energy Producers Association (FREPA) was founded  in January 2007  as a statewide  not for profit industry trade association for renewable energy and energy efficiency that is not led by a specific technology, but by  the goal of combatting climate change and leveling the playing field  so that independent renewable energy power producers, new cleantech innovations, sustainable manufacturing, waste to energy production and processes,  and that energy efficiency product companies and processes are able to competitively engage the market place in the public and private sectors in Florida. Our focus include and is not limited to solar energy power production and equipment, and slolar parts  manufacturing; wind energy productuion and the manufacturing of turbines, blades, their motors and other peripherals; biofuels production to include the growing of energy feed stock, construction of facilities, growing the demand and improving the infrastructure; energy efficiency processes and equipment to include revolutionary HVAC systems, window treatments and materials, sustainability practices, and recycling that are closed circle  processes.

FREPA works with governmens to assist them at meetig their energy and sustainability goals, matching them with private partners and doing the heavy lifting regarding regulations. FREPA's voice comes from the fact that it has a strong presence in the capitols in Tallahassee  and in Washington, addressing the policy needs that will make the industry flourish and grow,  to have more competition and reduce regulations. Additionally, FREPA works to be a partner for Florida's utilities to find ways to put more energy generated from clean and  natural sources on their grids, delivering energy that is safe and reliable.                                                           


                                                                                               FREPA MISSION STATEMENT  

"The mission of the Florida Renewable Energy Producers Association (FREPA) is to advance the development and commercialization of sustainable clean and renewable energy. We advance that cause by supporting and advocating on the behalf of third party energy producers, otherwise large scale plants and local governmental entities focused on producing electric power and naturally produced alternative sustainable energy sources which consist of: energy efficiency, solar, biomass, waste to energy, hydoelectricity, ocean and wave energy, wind as well as clean energy used in transportation such as in electric vehicles. And, as key to our over arching goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, advance  efforts to grow  our biofuels industry, using the farm to fuel model,  so that we use more clean fuel."



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